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Little Explorers 

 A time to explore our School


Four-year-olds feel good about the things they can do, show self-
confidence, and are willing to try new adventures. They race up and down
stairs or around corners, dash on tricycles or scooters, and pull wagons
at full tilt.

Little explorers at Halfway Bush school is designed for pre-schoolers  to come and experience our unique environment. We share stories,songs,crafts and activities that promote friendships our school values in a comfortable way leading into your child's first day at our school.


When:    Thursdays 2.00-3.00pm  (even weeks of each term)

Where:   Halfway Bush School


Term 3   28th August

              11th  September

               25th  September


Term 4   23rd October

              6th November

              20th November

              4th December


If you would like to find out more about our school please contact:


Brian Filipo


02102280938 or 4763207


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